A cryptocurrency to reverse deforestation 🌏

Transparency with Intelligent Monitoring 🛰

We cannot preserve what we cannot measure. Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in efficiently estimating the value of nature and help us accelerate the conservation and sustainable use of our natural world.

Trustworthy & Lightning Fast Transactions with Cryptocurrency ⚡

We use auditable in-house machine learning to verify environmental impact and provide communities with the opportunity to receive instant payments for sustainable nature stewardship through our decentralised fund.

Sustainable Smart Incentives for Nature 🌱


Invest in our decentralised green fund. Payments are autonomously channeled to local communities and certified on a distributed ledger.


We use SOTA artificial intelligence that fuses field, drone and satellite data in order to link payments to real-time environmental impact.


Local communities receive real-time payments for their nature stewardship. Investors receive coins for successful donations.

Our Non Profit 👋

GainForest Association is a nonprofit dedicated to create the GainForest™ platform for our community. Help us achieve our goal and donate to our association's work.

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